Saadia Bahat - Resume:

Born:  1928, Lithuania. Holocaust survivor. Israel - 1946.

1956/93 R&D Engineering at RAFAEL - Armament Dev. Authority. President's award: "Defense of Israel".

1989, member of the Painters and Sculptors Association of Israel.


Mechanical Engineering, Technion,  Haifa - 52/56.

Advanced Engineering Studies, MIT. Mass. - 73/74

Sculpture: A. Amlan, Haifa, 58. J. (Kuba) Leibl. K. Hayim, 65/67. Metal sculpt. MIT, 74.

Drawing&Painting: Z. Shor, Petach Tikva 47. Meirovitz, Yaskil, Haifa, 58. MIT, 73/74.

American Modern Art courses: Prof. Chadvick, MIT, 73.  Prof. W.Corn, Stanford Univ., 83.


1996  Herman Struck Award by the city of Haifa, for “Stone&Fossils” sculpture.

1999  3rd prize at the International Stone Sculpture Symposium at Maalot.

2009  Herman Struck Award by the city of Haifa, for the "Marble Layers #2" sculpture.

2009  Premio alla Carriera, at "Imaginary Journeys" exhibition, Ferrara, Italy.

Large Scale Works:

1969  Sun Dial - Stainless st. + mild st., 1.5m, Nes Ziona.

1977  "We shall remember them forever" - Concrete monument, 5m, Petach Tikva.

1979  "Strings" - Steel pipes, 4m, David Institute, Rafael.

1984  "Waves"  - Stainless st. + mild st., 1x2m, Stanford Univ., Ca. US.

1994  "Surprise in stone" - Atzmon Marble, 2m, Tzuriel. (Int. Stone Sculpture Symposium, Maalot).

1995  Memorial for the Dead Associates - Stainless steel, 2.5m, David Institute, Rafael.

1995  Memorial monument for Itzik Tzemach - Atzmon marble, 2.3m, Kibbutz Gaaton. + small monument  0.8x1.3 m

1997  "Computer Whirl" - Assemblage of computer parts, 2.2m, Leshem Institute, Rafael.

1999  "The Strength and the Beauty of Stone" - Marble, 2.5m, Maalot. (Int. Symposium).

2000  "Semi Circles" - Hebron stone, 2.1 m, Netanya. (Sculptors' "Happening at the Seashore").

2001  "Shine" - Marmora marble, 2.2 m, "Manof" School.

2001  "Haifa Limassol - Twin Cities on a Common Sea" - Marmora marble, 2.65x1.5x.5 m,

           Limassol, Cyprus. (3rd Twin Cities Sculptors' Symposium).

2004  “Tziki” - Memorial monument to Zvi Bahat - Marmora marble, 1.6 m, Navy Garden, Haifa.

2005  Memorial monument for the WW2 Veterans - Basalt stone & Marmora marble, 1.4x1.7 m, Kiryat Bialik.

2005 "El Al" – Marmora marble. 1.6 m. "Rabin" high school. Kiryat Yam.

2006 "Sunrise – Sunset". Marmora marble. 2.3 m. Hakfar Hayarok institute.

2007 "Forward" – Marmora marble. 2.2 m. Netanya (International Stone Sculptors Symposium).

2008 Memorial for Yad Lebanim traffic circle. Marmora marble. 95x 165 cm. Kiryat Bialik.

Individual  Exhibitions:

1989  “Variations on the Theme of a Circle”, Beith Shagal, Artists’ Assoc., Haifa.

1995  "Combined Sculptures and Sculptures From the Rock Garden", G.O. Gallery, Haifa.

1998  "The Soul of the Material", Aba Hushi Cultural Center, Haifa.

1998  "1993 - 1998 Retrospective", Beith Shagal, Artists’ Assoc., Haifa.

1998  "Curator’s Selection", Ort Broide college, Carmiel (gallery shared with a painter).

2000  "Some Earlier and Entirely New Works", Cultural Center, Nesher.

2000  "The Addiction to Creativity", Beith Shagal, Artists' Assoc., Haifa.

2002  "As Clay In the Hands of the Artist", "Picasso" gallery, Castra Art Center, Haifa.

2002  "Continuation & Innovation", Kiryat Haim Cultural Center.

2002  "I am From the North", Hankin Design Gallery, Holon.

2003  “ Sculptures and Metamorphoses by Photoshop”, City Hall gallery, Carmiel.

2004  “Only on the wall”, Aba Hushi Cultulal Center, Haifa.

2004  “Ten years Retrospective”,  Beith Shagal, Artists’ Assoc., Haifa.

2004  “Back to Beith Nagler – where all of it started”, Beith Nagler, Kiryat Haim.

2006 "To Reut with Friendship", "Reut" art school, Haifa.

2006 "Material & Fantasy". "Migdal" gallery, Tel Aviv.

2007 "Sculptures & Reliefs". The Water tower Gallery, Nahariya.

2008 "80 ; 15" ( 80th birthday & 15 years as professional artist). Beith Shagal, Artists' Assoc., Haifa.

2010 "Harmony in Reliefs and Sculptures", Cultural Center , Kiryat Chaim

2012  "Stone, wood and fantasy", Haifa Auditorium.

2012  “After 69 Years”, Arka Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2012  “After 73 Years”, Krastotyros Museum, Alytus, Lithuania

2012  “Harmony of shapes”, Cultural center, Ukmerge, Lithuania

2012  “After 69 Years”, National M.K. Ciurlionis Art Museum, M. Zilinskas art Gallery. Kaunas, Lithuania

2012  “Movement in Space”, Art and Culture Center, Petach Tikva.

Main Group Exhibitions and Large Scale Project Proposals:

Constant participation in the yearly exhibitions & catalog of the Artists’ Assoc., regional exhibitions etc.             

1990  International competition for “Jerusalem of Lithuania” monument. Vilnius, Lithuania.

           Honorary Mention. The model is now at the Yad Vashem museum, Jerusalem.

1994  "Israeli Sculptors’ Exhibition", Kibbutz Farod.

1995  Commemorative exhibition: 50th Anniversary of the End of W.W.2; 3000th Anniversary of Jerusalem. Haifa

1997  Exhibition of the H.Struck Award Winners, of the last 15 years. Beith Shagal.   

1997  Proposal for a 9m tall, steel sculpture for the Open Air Museum of Tefen.

1998  Proposal and model for a monument to the Holocaust, at Bustan Hagalil.

1999  Holocaust Commemorative Exhibition. Beith Hatanach, Tel Aviv.

1999  Proposal and model for a monument to the "Sinai" Armored Division, at Latrun.

1999  "Israeli Artists Face The Millennium", Montserrat gallery, New York, USA.

2000  ArtLand gallery, Nakatsugawa City, Japan.

2002  Group carving of the "Peace Totem Pole" (13m tall), Ginosar.

2003  “Haifa greets Bad Hofgastein”, Bad Hofgastein, Austria.

2004  International, Sculpture Exhibition, Kameyama Sculpt. Garden, Seki City, Japan.

2005 "Song of the Strings", model and proposal for a 10 m tall sculpture.

2007 "International Sculpture Exhibition", City Museum of Gifu, Seki city, Japan.

2008 "Femina", Picasso Gallery, Kastra. "Like Mature Wine", Veterans of the Artists Assoc

2008  A sculptor & 3 painters, "Alternativ" gallery, Paris, France.

2009 4 weeks of work at "Danang International Sculpture Center", Vietnam

2009 "Imaginary Journeys" exhibition, Ferrara, Italy

2010 Exhibition at "Amsterdam Whitney" Gallery, Chelsea, New York, USA. :